Monday, June 20, 2011


U/s today, at 6w4d. C went with me this time, as for once it didn't conflict with working. He was a little uncomfortable with the concept of the internal u/s, but seemed to get over it pretty quickly when the tech spun the screen around to show us the heartbeat. Our little one is measuring at exactly 6 weeks, a little beind but at this stage, even the teeniest mismeasurement can account for that. And Charlotte measured behind at the first u/s, but had caught up by the second one, so we're not concerned. The heartrate was a steady 115-120 bpm (the tech told us 115, then the nurse in our follow-up conversation said it was 120). There appeared to have been a second sac, but it was empty at this point, and impossible to tell if it had ever had anything viable in it.

Our next u/s is on 7/7, along with a final meeting with the RE who will "release" me to an OB. From then on, we'll be just another normal pregnant family. Hurray!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

doubling well

For some reason, I can't cut and paste or save and insert the hCG graph from, but Friday (15DPO) was 174 and Monday was 534. That's doubling every 44.5 hours and right on the "max" (for singletons) line. So far, so good. I'm sleepy all the time now, and my waist has already nearly disappeared. I think I've gained a pound or so, but it's hard to tell since "normal" kind of disappeared as soon as I started lupron.

My first OB ultrasound is scheduled for 6/17, but my babysitters (my parents) just informed me yesterday that they'll be out of town that day. I need to reschedule or find someone else to watch Charlotte for a 7AM appointment. Maybe her old daycare isn't full that early on a Friday. I don't want to delay the u/s. I'm eager to see that everything is as it should be.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



11DP2DT- early-response test turned definitively positive 15 seconds after I put the cap on it. Can't post more now- juggling squirmy baby with other hand, but had to tell SOMEONE.