Sunday, March 20, 2011

testing 1-2-3

I'll meet with the RE on Thursday, 3/24, to learn the results of the "Clomid Challenge." When I was in the office for the hysteroscopy on 3/18, one of the nurses told me that my CD3 blood work looked great.

The hysteroscopy was quick and would have been painless if not for the speculum. I'm guessing that scar tissue from my minor tearing doesn't stretch easily and was to blame for the brief pain. Luckily, it eased pretty quickly, and the procedure itself was completely without sensation. All is well in my uterus, so once the CD10 bloodwork results are in, I believe the RE will submit the request for IVF to my insurance carrier for approval.

Meanwhile, I scheduled the mammogram, but not without some drama. The first time I called, I mentioned that I'd recently stopped breastfeeding. The scheduler said I could not have a mammogram until 3 months had passed since the last time I breast fed. Timing is completely unpredictable right now as I have no idea when AF will return, so a midMay mammo might not delay anything. But it might. So, I cheated a little, called back, and booked a mammo for 4/12. According to Dr. Google, the tissue of lactating breasts is more dense than normal breast tissue, and may therefore be more difficult to read on a mammo. I'd rather have fuzzy results than none at all.

Things are moving along quite smoothly. I hope my chat with the RE on Thursday ends with some specifics about an active cycle.

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