Monday, June 20, 2011


U/s today, at 6w4d. C went with me this time, as for once it didn't conflict with working. He was a little uncomfortable with the concept of the internal u/s, but seemed to get over it pretty quickly when the tech spun the screen around to show us the heartbeat. Our little one is measuring at exactly 6 weeks, a little beind but at this stage, even the teeniest mismeasurement can account for that. And Charlotte measured behind at the first u/s, but had caught up by the second one, so we're not concerned. The heartrate was a steady 115-120 bpm (the tech told us 115, then the nurse in our follow-up conversation said it was 120). There appeared to have been a second sac, but it was empty at this point, and impossible to tell if it had ever had anything viable in it.

Our next u/s is on 7/7, along with a final meeting with the RE who will "release" me to an OB. From then on, we'll be just another normal pregnant family. Hurray!


  1. I hope everything went well and that you are ok.
    I visit and leave, and wish I had more time to comment more often. I am pulling for you with all of my heart B, I am so so incredibly excited for you.


  2. Just found you via Mel's lushary and I'd love to follow along with your journey as I'm 41 and we're considering trying for a sibling for our IVF-conceived daughter. Congrats on your BFP! You must be over the moon! :)