Friday, May 20, 2011

fert report

I'm feeling deflated today. On the plus side, the bloating is down. I'm more comfortable than I have been in a few days, although I still don't need a belt to keep my "fat" pants up. Age seems to have caught up with me, though, as only 4 of my 28 eggs fertilized. I'm scheduled for the 2-day transfer, not the 3-day which would have meant an abundance of fertilized and growing embies to choose from. Everything that's left by tomorow afternoon will be transferred. The platitudes are flying... "It only takes one."

To further mess things up, the medrol was left out of my pharmacy order, so I didn't get to start taking it last night like I was supposed to. It wasn't on the packing slip, so I didn't realize it was missing until late last night when I sat down to take all the post-ER meds. There was nothing anyone could do about it until this morning, and by the time I had it I was told it was too late to "double-up" today's dose by taking one in the AM and another tonight. With only 4 (or fewer) to transfer, and the transfer a day earlier than I expected, I'm seriously concerned that this will lower my chances even more.

But, we have 4, for now. Barring a phone call telling me they all died, I have at least a little hope to cling to. Damn, this is hard.


  1. Just came across your blog... I'm praying for the four embies...grow embies, grow.

  2. Fingers crossed for you B.