Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the primes have it!

The tech yesterday wouldn't (wasn't allowed to) tell me how many measurable follicles she saw, but when looking at my left ovary, she did say, "We only measure the ten biggest. Then I count how many others are over 12." So, yesterday there were more than ten on my left and I think I counted 8 measurements recorded for the right side. I wasn't able to answer the phone when the nurse called, so I don't know the tally or what the bloodwork revealed. Regardless, I was told to trigger last night. Retrieval will be Thursday morning.

I asked C a couple of times yesterday if he'd be OK giving me the trigger shot. Each time, he said he was a little hesitant, but was sure he'd be OK. He'd seen the needles I use to inject lupron... not so bad, right? Then, at 8:52 PM, eight minutes before trigger-time, I finally showed him the HCG needle. "No way!" Luckily, my SIL was home and willing to do the deed, and lives nearby enough that the shot was only about 2 minutes late. I have to admit, that IS one intimidating needle... long and broad, and painful-looking. In a professional's hands, though, I felt almost nothing. In retrospect, I'm glad My SIL (a nurse) took care of it again. I would have liked to keep this cycle a little more under wraps, but she's good about keeping quiet.

So here we are, with transfer scheduled for CD13. I triggered on CD11. Retrieval is on the 19th of the month. That's a nice series of prime numbers... if I can't have an 18, I'll take primes. And I don't have to buy any more drugs for this cycle, having finished the stims with 450U to spare.


  1. I hope you get plenty of mature eggs tomorrow! Best of luck!