Sunday, May 1, 2011

side effects

CD21 came and went, and I had blood drawn to check my progesterone level, which would indicate whether or not I ovulated. I did, so the lupron arrived and I started the daily shoot-up on Friday, CD22. The lab where my husband's blood was drawn FINALLY got all the correct results to my RE, so the rest of my meds were prescribed at last. They could not, for bureaucratic reasons, authorize the stims until we had documentation that my husband's blood is exactly as it was 2 years ago. Luckily, this time it was covered by insurance. I plan to dispute the charges for the second blood draw and the multiple wrong tests that were run. If the phlebotomist couldn't read the order, shouldn't she have called the doctor who sent the req?

So, three lupron doses down. I still hesitate a little before sticking myself, but I'm sure that will pass. I haven't noticed any physical side effects yet, but I think I got off pretty easy last time with just a general mind-fog. The stims, which haven't arrived yet, have already contributed their own side effects, though. I can't sleep and I think my blood pressure is up a bit... sticker shock. I don't remember what the prices were before, but how can a single drug cost $6,000? That's ONE item, of the five or six included in the order. I'm unemployed, having been laid off at the end of November. The small business we started a year ago was doing OK until fuel prices climbed past $4/gallon (diesel). We're shelling out over $1k/month for cadillac health insurance, but we still have to pay 50% for "name-brand" prescriptions. The drug order came to over $3300, after insurance. OUCH!

I'm focusing on long-term... we can pay it off in a couple of years, assuming no other major debts come our way. But the house needs a new roof and the car has 130,000 miles on it and the taxes/fees/permits/licenses/insurance on the business keep going up while the profits continue to fall. I started this cycle believing that if this doesn't work on the first try, we can give it one or maybe two more attempts before we're completely burned out. Now, I'm seriously thinking that this may be our last shot.

Stims will be delivered Tuesday. If I have any "leftovers," I'm afraid I won't be quite so generous with them as I was two years ago. Anyone know anything about selling unused drugs?

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  1. I nearly had a heart attack today when I realisd I was going to need additional meds, knowing that the extra cost just wasn't in our budget (luckily the drugs I'm on are no extra). I truly don't understand how they can be so expensive - I swear it's just a money making exercise.