Tuesday, May 10, 2011

let the stims begin

Once again, my body amazed me with it's clock-like timing. A 29-day cycle ended Friday, so I scooted up to the RE's and started stims on Sunday night. Mothers Day... how appropos, no? We're following the same protocol as last time, so here's what we know so far-

CD22-29 (end of cycle)- morning: 10U Lupron.
CD1- morning: 10U Lupron.
CD2- morning: 10U Lupron; evening: 225U Gonal-F
CD3-6- morning: 5U Lupron + 225U Gonal-F; evening: 225U Gonal-F
CD7- morning: 5U Lupron + 225 Gonal-F; Report to RE for b/w which will determine next Gonal-F dosage.

Oh, the bloat. Today is only the third day of stims (second and a half, actually) and the bloat has already set in. I have be-bands at the ready to hold up my pants when buttoning them becomes painful. For now, I'm just to the point where I no longer need my belt. I've gained three pounds since starting Lupron.

As if life weren't exciting enough, I started a part-time retail job last week with a company I've worked for on-and-off for the last 8 years. Luckily, the manager is OK with giving me a week off post ER, but I had to guess when that will be. I'm on the schedule to work on 5/17, CD11. My ER was on CD12 last time. I know I'll be uncomfortable, but I hope that's the only problem with my schedule.


  1. Best of luck with this cycle! I hope it's every bit as successful as the cycle that brought you Charlotte!