Sunday, May 8, 2011

now, the "fun" begins

My body really did jump back into its usual rhythms once I stopped breastfeeding. My third cycle began yesterday, so I dutifully called the RE's office to report that CD1 had arrived. Of course, I didn't know for certain until early evening that AF was here, so my call landed on an unattended answering machine. I weighed my options- wait for the nurses to call me and schedule baseline u/s & b/w, which would probably be Monday, or just show up this morning and see if they would accommodate me. They took me right in and said Monday would have been fine, but since I was there... Hurray! Monday traffic would have been awful, so I saved at least 45 minutes by going today. Additionally, I didn't need a sitter since C was home. The two of them needed some daddy-daughter time anyhow.

So, I started my stims tonight- 225U Gonal-F. I'll repeat that dose each morning and evening until Friday, CD7, when I'll head in for b/w. Lupron decreases to 5U each morning starting tomorrow. Following the timeline of our successful IVF, that puts us on track for a 5/18 retrieval and 5/21 transfer.

Eighteen is my lucky number.

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